How Long Will New Siding Last On Your Home?

The siding on your home is an essential part of the house’s exterior. It serves a number of purposes, such as protecting your house from the elements that can cause damage to the rest of the house. Without siding, heavy rains or strong winds could wreak havoc on the place where you live.

Now considering the highly important function it serves, you might be wondering how long the siding on your home should last? The effects and longevity would vary depending on your location and the types of weather that commonly occur in the area. But more especially, it would depend on the material it is made of.

Longevity Depends on Material

To answer the question of how long the siding of your house would last, you have to base it most especially on what material it is made of. By knowing the exact material used in making them, you will be able to know how long it will take before you eventually get to replace them.

First of all, if they are made of wood, which has been a traditional material used in constructing them, they have to be checked and refinished every five years – otherwise, they will not last that long if you weren’t able to do so. Since wood is an organic and naturally porous material, the amounts of rain and other elements that stick and gets absorbed by it can affect the quality, eventually lessening the quality and longevity. But since they are impressively beautiful, you have to take time to maintain them.

The second popular siding material is aluminum. They are known to be the tough ones, as they can last more than 15 years without wearing off. But then, it can be prone to having physical damages as well, such as dents. Maintenance, however, may be a little too pricey, so if you have enough budget to do so, then go with aluminum.

The last one is the most popular right now, which is vinyl. This material is popular nowadays because they are more budget-friendly and low maintenance, yet it delivered the best looks and functions, and most importantly, the longevity features.

Vinyl has the same traditional look as the wood one, as well as the toughness of aluminum. But what makes vinyl stand out is that you don’t have to do much maintenance care with it, but they have been proven to last for several decades without incurring too many damages, yet they provide the best protection to your house.