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What are the Services Carpet Cleaning Services Offer?

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There are many quality Atlanta carpet cleaning companies that can meet your needs. These professionals are highly skilled and will do their job professionally.

Each service brings a different set of value and charges, depending on the type of service they provide. It is crucial that you understand your requirements and budget before you hire carpet cleaning services. You will be able to choose the best carpet cleaning service if you have a well-planned approach.

Let’s take a look at what a carpet cleaning service would do if they were to clean your carpets.

Pre-Inspection is a vital part of any good carpet cleaning service. The technician will usually visit the area of concern to examine it and take note of any soiling conditions or carpet construction. If there are any permanent stains, you will be informed.

Furniture Moving: All furniture, including sofas, tables, and chairs, will be carefully moved with the utmost care. Bedding, dressers, and large pieces of furniture are not typically moved. Disposable tabs and blocks will protect your furniture from any moving.

Pre-spot and Pre-spray will be done to ensure that soil and spot removal can be achieved.

Extract and Rinse: Once the soil has been removed, hot water extraction is used to thoroughly clean the carpet pile. This method is also called steam cleaning and uses state-of-the-art technology. This technique uses heat and pressure to ensure that carpet doesn’t get too wet.
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Dry stroke: This is the most important step in carpet cleaning. The powerful truck-mounted vacuum is used to remove all remnant moisture from the carpet’s top. After the carpet has been cleaned, this is what you do. You can check to make sure the job was done properly by looking for any pine tree-shaped strokes or “W” shaped strokes in the room. This is a sign that the carpet has had a thorough cleaning with a blowout job. Your carpets may take a few days to dry. Once you have established your requirements and set a budget, you can choose the right carpet cleaning company and let them do the rest.